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[Week in Review] No. 1

[Week in Review] No. 1

1. These pants by Bjorn Park arrived!!! She is a friend of a friend that I discovered on Instagram [because where else?] She sews "doodles" on pants [amongst other things...] They caught my eye, I DMed her and it was on! I got the pinstripe ones [in the middle.] Also, do you know how delicious these Dickies carpenter pants are? Here in various other colors.

2. Sex and the City [1998 - 2004] is coming back this year with 10 episodes. Samantha [the spiciest of them all] won't be making an appearance. Almost as bad as Full[er] house without Michelle. But let's not kid ourselves, we are watching anyways. What will Carrie's style look like in 2021?

3. Jacquemus shared images from his office across several posts this week. It is even more spectacular than what you would've ever imagined. [Also on Vogue.fr] Their kitchen sink with 10+ coffee mugs is an artwork in itself. He got called out for not giving credit to the designers but has since said sorry and the Internet has forgiven him. 

4. I ran into Glare Goods [via Eva Chen I'm almost sure] a few months ago and fell in love with their mirrors. Now, the makers of blob-shaped mirrors are expanding their selection and including glass coasters.

5. For the most satisfying video of the week, this Dada Daily melting candle [via founder Claire Olshan] wins the prize. For more [absurdly] satisfying videos check out @sosatisfying!

6. Eyeing some jackets, not because I need them [in Miami]. But in any case, one and two [brands] are on my wishlist. Fun fact: you can build-your-own jacket on Marfa Stance - base, collar, hood and liner.

7. French brand Maison Cleo is a mother-daughter duo making handmade-to-order designs [they started off with just a few blouses and now have expanded to jackets]. They only open their online shop once a week on Wednesdays at 12:30 EST until everything is sold out [set up your alarm!] But for all of us forgetful ones, they have an exclusive collection for Net-a-Porter and I'm waiting for these beauties to arrive...

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