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[Week in Review] No. 11

[Week in Review] No. 11

I've been delving into the activewear / athleisure / outdoorsy lifestyle for the past couple of weeks... Here is what I have for you so far.

Bandier is my go-to source for anything athleisure. [It has a special place in my heart because I always used to go to their stores when I lived in NY.] From actual workout clothes to coffee-run-sweatpants, and now even jeans and tees, you're bound to find a whole closet worth of goodies. My favorite leggings right now [their #1 legging], the All Access High Waisted Center Stage Legging. They come in different styles including a biker short which is also amazing! Also, must know [conscious] comfort - WSLY.


Super fan of classic Beyond Yoga for so much more than just yoga:
- This crop top
- These joggers
- These biker shorts [on sale!!!]

Another classic - Alo Yoga [before Kendall started wearing it...] because everything is so yummy and soft. This bra is the most delicious thing I've worn in a while!

New kid on the block, Girlfriend Collective. They are eco-friendly on a crazy and amazing level. Your leggings are made from either plastic bottles or recycled fish nets and they are very proud of everything they do [I would be too!] You can read  more about them here. This unitard is everything!

I was having trouble getting the black Birkenstocks I wanted - all black Arizonas that aren't some $400 collab on MatchesFashion. One of my favorite brands Ganni came to the rescue, unfortunately at a higher price than my first choice. These clunky sandals made from recycled rubber are a good middle ground - plus they are a bit more dressy and can be worn out more. Couple of cons: they are super heavy so not necessarily suitcase-friendly and I have a couple of bandaids on my feet thanks to the soft-but-not-so-soft rubber. Totally worth it either way.

ganni black sandal

And although the entire country is wearing Hoka and On sneakers, I went the older, less trendy route with these Nike sneakers, and these Salomon.


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