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Unpacked: Atlanta

Unpacked: Atlanta

Undisclosed went to Atlanta last week for Atlanta Market, a gift and home trade show. Distributed amongst three buildings and with 15+ floors [each!] our days looked more like an exercise routine than retail therapy. The best reward after long days of walking corridors had to be food... [and wine!]

Our first night we have Google to thank for. After looking into “best eats” and “must go” places, we stumbled upon Boccalupo, an Italian neighborhood restaurant just 15 mins away from where we were staying. Located on a nondescript corner in what appeared to be a residential area, the restaurant didn’t really stand out. Had we made a terrible choice? Fast-forward 2 hours, a few glasses of wine, and two delicious plates of pasta, we were sure we hadn’t. We ordered the house-made pappardelle with Bolognese sauce – as homey and rich as you can imagine – and the goat cheese caramelle – a new discovery even for us foodies –, a type of pasta that takes its name from the caramel wrappers its shape mimics.




For our second night we decided to follow a friend’s recommendation and went to the Ponce City Market [mayor Chelsea Market vibes here!] A combination of shopping, eating, and hanging out, this market has nothing to do with a food court and everything to do with a culture hub – offering everything from Indian food and cookie dough ice cream to a kid toy store and a mystic shop. You’re also able to go up to the beltline [similar, again, to New York’s highline] where you can sit and enjoy the view. This market is full of character and charm, and some interesting tenants like MailChimp and Pinterest [they have office spaces too!]




We couldn’t leave the city without exploring a breakfast spot [because we are suckers for breakfast!] The name was a no-brainer, Pancake Social. It was hard to choose, so we picked our top three items on the menu: the salmon bagel, the BEC [bacon, egg and cheese] English muffin and the lemon ricotta pancakes. All were absolutely delicious! We sat on retro orange and white gingham booths and were surrounded by white and wooden accents. Scandinavian design at it’s best! The little gift shop corner was not to be missed which included pancake-themed merch and other not-necessary but 100% wanted things.




We went for the design, enjoyed the food, and left saying “Atlannuh”. Until next year…

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