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Gift Guide 101

Gift Guide 101

It seems post-pandemic [let’s hope that reference expires soon] events keep on coming and you’re feeling extra special and want to get your friends something. But let’s be clear - an accumulation of events does not come hand-in-hand with an increasing budget. So here are a few ideas that won’t break the bank and will leave the recipient impressed.

Gifts for a newlywed couple:
- Totem glasses
- Sake / mezcal glasses
- Any of our yummy blankets

Gifts for a host:
- Cheese board
- Wave pitcher
- Striped candles

Gifts for a housewarming:
- Bilboquet wine glasses
- Cheese knives and butter spreaders
- Perle bowls

Gifts for guys, because well, they’re just so hard to gift:
- Chess game
- Backgammon game
- Surf shacks book

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