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Valentine's Day Flower Workshop

Valentine's Day Flower Workshop

For [pre-] Valentine's Day, we invited a group of local Miami women to a flower arrangement workshop. We wanted to highlight our striped red Varia vase, so we used it as a base, and asked our partner florist, Flower Trend, to bring flowers in different tones of pinks and reds. 


Valentine's Day Flower Workshop


After an informative talk by Maria Irene [aka Puchu,] Flower Trend's founder, the women were prompted to pick out their flowers from a beautiful pink cart [a custom Piaggio Ape.] Then it was all work, work, work. With all of Puchu's tips, the flower arrangements were destined to look spectacular! 


Some general tips:

  • Always cut stems at an angle

  • Chicken wire is a life saver and will help you structure your arrangement! It's also more eco-friendly than floral foam

  • Change water every other day [if possible!] to extend the flowers' lifetime

  • Determine if your arrangement will be placed against a wall, or in a position where it will be viewed from different angles. In the case of the former, it doesn't really matter how it will look from the back, that will go against the wall, but in the case of the latter, make sure it looks great all around

  • When making your arrangement, consider: base layer, focal flower, filler flowers, and flutter.

    • Base layer: the first step and what will create the structure; use longer floral branches or greenery

    • Focal flower: the focus of the arrangement, usually the bigger bolder flowers you have

    • Filler flowers: will help you fill in the blanks

    • Flutter: the final touch to your arrangement; will add movement to the composition, usually with airy and delicate flowers or branches.



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