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[Week in Review] No. 10

[Week in Review] No. 10

It’s been a while... we know!

1. Have you been getting @Alohas sponsored ads on your feed lately? They have been bombarding me for months! They want to shoe my feet for the summer. They offer affordable [copied] shoes for the most part, but some are not bad. Take a look, or wait for them to find you!



2. Crown Affair launched a dry shampoo [accompanied by it’s very own fluffy brush!] This haircare brand started off with a very beautiful albeit simple group of products: a comb, brush, oil and towel. They have been growing [and honestly just being cool] for the last several years. Now they’re helping us to hide our dirty hair! Fun fact - founder Dianna Cohen just moved to Miami! 



3. a) I was looking for a dress to wear to a Cartagena [Colombia] wedding a few weeks ago and went back to one of the first [extremely] colorful brands I know, Celia B. Super appropriate for the tropics [although it was born in Madrid, Spain] and perfect for the summer. If you’re color shy, don’t even bother looking…



3. b) I ended up wearing a Bernadette dress by way of MatchesFashion. Followed by another Bernadette dress for another wedding two weeks later. This might be evidence of my intensity in loving something different, but more importantly proof of a well-priced beautiful line of dresses we should all go see... and wear!



4. I am OBSESSED with @dimda_. No need for words. Images will suffice.




5. Gucci presents the Beloved Show. “In a new campaign, Alessandro Michele envisions a late-night talk show that places the signature handbag lines… in the spotlight alongside Awkwafina, Dakota Johnson, Diane Keaton, Sienna Miller, Harry Styles, and Serena Williams.” Who is interviewing? None other than James Corden. BRILLIAAAAANT [and just plain fun!]


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