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[Saved] Summer Edition #2

[Saved] Summer Edition #2

Here are my latest "saved" from my Encyclopedia Instagrammica.


* Kika Vargas, señores! Must know Colombian designer - but not your average Latin American designer. I've been eyeing her for a while so check her out. Not great for the bank, but probably worth it especially because these and these are now on sale!



Dragon Diffusion. A woven [leather] bag that looks like you bought it in a market in Mallorca. No it doesn't cost 5 euros, and no, you didn't get it in Mallorca. But who will ever know?



* Socksss. Fun and colorful for those into the whole crew sock vibe.

* The next Amina Muaddi is here - Mach and Mach. For your glam nights this summer...

* Brooke Callahan - because we all need a bold, different, [home]made-by-someone-random-on-the-internet accessory this summer.



* I'm thinking about trying this look - biker shorts under cutoffs. What do you think? Scenario 1: workout - you remove second layer and hit the treadmill. Scenario 2: beach day - you remove second layer and wear your biker shorts into the water. Scenario 3: quick run to the farmers market, no removals needed. Not sure about functionality - but does it even matter?

* Honest Bob - for the bucket hat lover, for the customize-your-entire-life lover, for the speak your mind lover...

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