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[Week in Review] No. 9

[Week in Review] No. 9

1. Jacquemus, you've done it again. I tell, you what a brilliant brilliant man [brand, team...] Their most recent demonstration of genius - these bouquets which they wrapped in old season fabrics. These "fleurs" [flowers] are delivered by "vélo" [bicycle], but only in Paris [unfortunately!!!] Can there be anything more chic?




2. Summer is around the corner and I’m running into what I call the Birkenstock Dilemma. What “ugly” sandal will I get this time around? Birkenstocks specifically have been [re]solved as a clear YES. I own them, and I love them, period. Tevas, on the other hand, have been lingering for several years already. What's just the right amount of out-there-ugly-camp-shoe? Would you go for it?

teva   teva


3. Digital art has been around for a while. AI [artificial intelligence], however, is the relatively new kid on the block in the art world. I heard from a friend recently that artworks have been selling via blockchain similar to bitcoins. More research to be continued... In the meantime, here is an artwork by Refik Anadol using state of the art technology.


4. It seems the latest jewelry trend is colorful rings. The first “official” brand I came across selling these types of rings [plastic ones] was La Manso. Now it seems these colorful accessories are all over Instagram, mostly from people [because are they even brands?] creating them for anyone willing to buy them...



5. Oh Diet Prada! Sometimes I’m so happy you exist. I get a real laugh at things. Sometimes I get worried at where we’ve gotten. This Bottega Veneta case is just a reminder of how absurd some things [and prices!] are...





6. Did you know Chrissy Teigan and Kris Jenner launched a plant-based cleaning products line? Yeah, me neither... 



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