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[Week in Review] No. 8

[Week in Review] No. 8

1. Three words. Or more like three people. Oprah, Meghan and Harry. Must watch! Must read [just google search, it's all over the web!] I don’t really think there’s a side to pick apart from the obvious one, but you can make your own opinion. Because some people think it’s all a ruse. I’m not sure... 

meghan markle prince harry oprah interview

2. Miami [well the entire world actually] cult favorite Eliou just launched a collaboration with pajama brand Thelma & Leah. 100% compulsive buy, but 100% so excited!!!

eliou   eliou


3. These Sunnei hoops seem like the perfect fun [dont-take yourself-too seriously] summer accessory.

sunnei hoops

4. Stopped by the Kirn x Primaried pop up this weekend [with my sidekick Maia, my eldest daughter]. Their last day will be Sunday, so you already missed it unless you leave now! But both brands [and everyone at this pop-up] is worth the look-up! 


5. Gucci movie. Wait what!? Lady Gaga's post on Instagram has us all on our tippy-toes. She and [Girls favorite] Adam Driver got together for an upcoming drama, House of Gucci, about [what else] the fashion house.

lady gaga adam driver house of gucci   lady gaga andrew driver house of gucci

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