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[Week in Review] No. 2

[Week in Review] No. 2

1. At first I thought I was seeing something out of a cartoon. Figurines walking through various color-blocked rooms [The Sims maybe?] It took me two [or more like three] more times to realize it was in fact the Prada FW2021 menswear show. What was this!? A world covered in fuzzy carpets of color, an exceptional backdrop for the crowdless fashion show. BRAVO to dutch architect Rem Koolhass and his research studio AMO who created it.



2. ... just because we're in Miami and because I love @prosenkilde [must follow!]. Look at these sleeves! This is a 2-in-1 with the sleeves being part of a Nackiye top. New brand alert! Check it out.

3. I hope you didn't, but in case you missed it - inaugural fashion.  


4. Oh Bernie, the Internet has done it again. Here are just a few, in case you didn't see enough.


5. a) Molly Goddard is a London-based designer that's been on our radar since her colorful tulle extravaganzas came up on our feed a few years ago. Must know, must see, must have!

b) She recently partnered up with UGG. Yes, you heard right, UGG - the [not-so-fashionable] fashionable Aussie brand well known for their sheepskin and plush lining boots. The result of this collab you may ask? Three designs - a platform mule, a fuzzy slipper and their quintessential boot covered in florals. All in bright, bold colors of course.




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