Familia Wooden Candle Holder Set

$99.00 $84.50

This candle holder set contains 5 unique pieces that complement each other. They are hand made from solid blocks of walnut and brass details into totem-like shapes in Istanbul, Turkey. They provide a decorative and elegant touch in your home.

Pair with striped candles.

Set of five.
Height: 3.15 in.; diameter 2.36 in.
Height: 3.94 in. x diameter 2.36 in.
Height: 4.72 in. x diameter 2.36 in.
Height: 5.12 in. x diameter 2.36 in.
Height: 5.51 in. x diameter 2.36 in.


Given the nature of wood, the exact color may vary slightly.

Care Instructions
Do not expose to direct fire. Do not wash.

Made in Turkey

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