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[Week in Review] No. 7

[Week in Review] No. 7

1. I love sneakers. I'm in them all day. I've been eyeing some New Balance for a while and can't seem to decide which ones. As I move away from my Nike / Adidas comfort zone to discover new territory, I'm going around in circles. These have been on an open tab for weeks... thoughts?

new balance sneakers   


2. Who said disco balls needed to be round and hang from a ceiling? These delicious ooey-gooey balls of magic are courtesy of art and design company Rot Ganzen.

Rot ganzen disco ball   rot ganzen disco ball art design   rot ganzen disco ball art design


3. We have been riding the wave of branded "merch" for a while. Hell, we at Undisclosed are guilty. Did you know we have our own t-shirts? [We launched in Nov. 2020 fyi, meaning we felt merch was a priority!] But what about wearing your city on your sleeve, or on your head, or hanging from your shoulder? The Cut talks about a new phenomenon, Zizmorcore, "a rejection of that urge to make every city feel the same. It is an embrace of hyperlocality." In this case, New York.

the cut ny magazine new york


4. This is about so much more than flexibility... this is about Hosbjerg, a Danish brand making [well-priced] not-your-typical-monochrome-Scandinavian clothes.

hosbjerg fashion denmark copenhagen   hosbjerg fashion denmark copenhagen   hosbjerg fashion denmark copenhagen

5. Ever since I heard Sex and the City was coming back I started watching it again. I guess Instagram knows this and somehow I found this account. @anotherwomanssushi makes all the recipes that come up in the show! Not only does she remake meals, drinks, etc. and gives us ingredients and steps, she actually refers back to the exact episode [and season! and scene!]. That includes everything from puttanesca to ham and eggs, to of course, cosmos!

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