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[Week in Review] No. 5

[Week in Review] No. 5

1. First and foremost, it's Sunday so go follow @sunday.scaries, if you don't already. It’s originally a podcast [which I have to admit I haven’t listened to] but their Instagram is fresh, funny and just super duper real. You can thank me later…



2. @LazyOaf made it to my feed and caught my attention at once with their bold colors and patterns. I have been following since and waiting for that perfect piece to come into my closet. It might just have arrived with their latest release - a collab with jelly-sandals-maker Melissa which includes five shoes and three bags, everything in Melissa’s typical recycled plastic material.


3. I’m a sucker for sunglasses. I probably own too many [for a non-influencer of course] and want so many more! My most recent discovery is @Lu.Goldie, an Aussie brand making affordable retro sunglasses in different shapes and sizes.


4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. But I would say beauty is in this lollipop, don’t you think? What are these beautiful things!? How can you even consume them and vanish them from existence!? Hard Nectar is a NY-based lollipop-maker with flavors range from cornflower kettlecorn and vanilla orchid, to elderflower champagne and violet lavendar. OMG!


5. In a world where anything [and I truly mean anything] can become a trend, there is a coffee enthusiast with 168K followers on Instagram. I love coffee so I can’t complain, but I regrettably realized my coffee life could not be more vanilla. But when I do decide to be a bit more extreme I’m dying to taste coffee lemonade. 


6. Small bags have been a thing for a while. Since the tiny-useless-but-still-want-it Jacquemus "le Chiquito" bag, nothing is too small. For me there is in fact such a thing as too small, if you’re going to call it a bag... it needs to AT LEAST fit your phone. If not, your bag is merely a necklace or a bracelet. One of my favorites, Loewe, launched their iconic puzzle bag in a nano version [they already have the mini, small, and “regular”]. It comes in 5 different colors, AND fits your phone. What is there to think about?



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