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[Week in Review] No. 3

[Week in Review] No. 3

1. Athleisure, loungewear, COVID uniform... this category [which is here to stay] has transformed the way we look at workout clothes. Because who really works out in this? Introducing Sporty and Rich, a brand that introduces collections with “drops”, supports charities, plants one tree for every order, and has playlists for you on their website. You get the vibe. Next drop is 02/01, don’t miss it and join the [Sporty & Rich] club!


2. For all you dog lovers, do you know Boobie Billie? An Insta-famous doggie. 


3. Bode is a menswear brand designed by Emily Bode [yes, a woman]. Fun fact: she was the first woman to show at NYFW Men’s. Her clothing is imbued with history and narratives, giving the [new] pieces a vintage shop feel. Even though it’s for men, women can most definitely wear it too and for their accessories this fish tote is a total must for summer 2021. Available in black and white canvas, and red corduroy. 


4. Thom Browne just introduced childrenwear! The collection takes the back-to-school Britney vibe to another [more sophisticated] level. The uniform will break your bank no doubt, but these kids look adorable don't they? There's a video to accompany the collection, depicting a day in the [office] life of these kids. Watch it! Very much à la Thom Browne there is more to be said… “The kids [in the campaign video] are all wearing the exact same thing, but the individuality of each one of these young kids is so strong and so unique and so special that it stands out beyond their clothing. I think that is the most important message."

5. Chanel does not stop, ever! In a year like no other, Chanel continued their traditions at the Grand Palais in Paris for their Haute Couture SS 2021 show [albeit with a much reduced socially-distanced VIP list]. A series of portraits photographed by Dutch artist Anton Corbijn were part of the [suspense] campaign moving up towards the show.


6. Yayoi Kusama has done it again. Moving outside of her infinity rooms in galleries [or museums] she will now be holding an exhibit at New York Botanical Garden. This much awaited show [originally scheduled for 2020] will finally open this spring [on April 10] and will feature the following works, amongst others.


7. If you’re into the funky retro hairclip trend, I discovered Chunks.



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