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[8 Things] Finn

[8 Things] Finn

Finn's founder Paula Giecco told us 8 Things.


1. What's the last thing that inspired you?

The Copacabana promenade in Rio, Roberto Burle Marx's landscapes and paintings, and the natural forms found in Floresta a neighborhood in Buenos Aires.


2. How would you describe your aesthetic? 

Colorful, fun, and bold.






3. What does your daily routine look like?

It's like going to school every day now with homeschooling children at home!



4. What are two hidden gems in your city? 

The golden age cafes modernist architecture of Buenos Aires.



5. What is your favorite item in your closet right now? 

A denim jumper dress.



6. What is the last thing you bought for your home? 

A golden flower vase. Now I have my house filled up with flowers all the time. 


7. Did you pick up a new hobby or interest during quarantine? 

Returning to metal smithing and I'm loving it!



8. Do you have a secret talent? 

Do a lot with little. It's all about being resourceful [more than excessive], and using your ideas to transform and create. For example, with a simple material you can create beautiful jewels or with basic ingredients a delicious meal. And there is no need to waste.


Paula Giecco provided the images above. Collected and taken by her in the last few months they represent her lifestyle, her inspiration, and her travels. 

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