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[8 Things] British Colour Standard

[8 Things] British Colour Standard

British Colour Standard founder Jackie Piper told us 8 Things.


1. What's the last thing that inspired you?

A TV program with the British artist Grayson Perry. I love the way he thinks and talks [and of course his colorful work is just amazing!] He is so fantastic at articulating thoughts, ideas and feelings - he doesn’t pretend to know everything and he comes across so naturally. A rare combination of so many talents.


2. How would you describe your aesthetic?

Eclectic, emotional and practical.


3. What does your daily routine look like?

At the moment I am working from home, instead of commuting by train to London because of Covid-19. First thing, I find out what my teenager needs, then feed all the pets; I have two chickens and a whippet who are always ready for breakfast before anyone else. Then I feed myself. Next, I drag the whippet for a quick walk [unless its raining, in which case that’s a no from both of us.] Then I check Instagram and do our morning social media posts as I have a cup of tea. I walk upstairs to my bedroom [my temporary home office] whilst there is some decorating downstairs underway. Finally I switch on my Mac and begin!



4. What are two hidden gems in your city?

I live in central Cambridge, UK a breathtakingly beautiful Hogwarts-style city in appearance except its real! My two favorite gems would be The Haunted Bookshop. This is a tiny old shop in central Cambridge, stuffed full of second hand books from floor to ceiling, down a little alleyway. Miniature versions of The Complete Works of Shakespeare nestle next to forgotten books from childhood.
The rickety staircase where you have to hold on to a thick rope to go up the stairs as they are so steep, completes this marvelous shop. And yes, it’s haunted.

Secondly, just outside the city, a short 20 minute walk away is the chocolate-box village of Grantchester. Take the river path, not the busy tarmac one, and it will eventually take you to a field with a cricket pitch. If you run into some cows, just ignore them and they will too. There, at the edge of the village is the Orchard Tea Rooms where you can sit on a deckchair in a leafy apple orchard where the poet Byron used to lodge and swim when he was a student at Cambridge. Have a peaceful pot of tea with a scone under the trees and you are back 100 years ago in the blink of an eye. 


What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

It has to be a dark green, furry loop scarf, now that the weather has turned autumnal. It looks great, keeps the neck toasty and warm, plus it never secretly slides off and falls on the floor trying to get itself lost.


6. What is the last thing you bought for your home?

I bought a long oval-shaped basket for my sourdough to make a change from the round-style ones.


7. Did you pick up a new hobby or interest during quarantine?

Yes, I am now a complete "boss" at sourdough. I know its a cliché, but after being unable to go to the bakery during quarantine I thought: "Right - I'm giving this a go, how hard can it be?" I even established my own starter [but also accidentally killed it not long after so I bought another from Ebay and we have been going strong ever since!] I've made some terrible loaves - heavy, claggy and burnt, but now I am on it. I know what I'm doing and feel secretly quite proud at how nice they are and bake once or twice a week.


8. Do you have a secret talent?

Yes and its a weird one. I can't read music but I can play any Christmas Carol by ear on a recorder. Only Christmas Carols though and only the recorder, which we all had to learn at primary school here in the UK. My kids think it’s hilarious. I'd prefer another secret talent to be honest! It's not that useful.


Jackie Piper provided the images above. Collected and taken by her in the last few months they represent her lifestyle, her inspiration, and her travels. 

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