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[8 Things] Atelier Saucier

[8 Things] Atelier Saucier

Atelier Saucier co-founders Nikki Reed and Staci Inspektor told us 8 Things.


1. What's the last thing that inspired you?

Staci: Our most recent collection was inspired by all of the nostalgic and artsy films we have been watching over the past few months. One that comes to mind as most influential for our Holiday Collection is the Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Andeson which uses bold colors and fanciful prints in the most exciting and eye catching way.


2. How would you describe your aesthetic?

Nikki: Saucy, modern, wabi-sabi.



3. What does your daily routine look like?

N: Staci and I really enjoy working out at least 4 early mornings a week - we feel lucky that Los Angeles offers many ways to exercise outdoors safely. We start most days in Downtown Los Angeles sourcing fabrics and managing production. Afternoons typically consist of design meetings, catching up on emails and packaging and fulfilling orders.



4. What are two hidden gems in your city? 

N: My favorite area in Los Angeles is Topanga - a true gem of a neighborhood. It is filled with horse ranches, vintage shops, rolling hills, and amazing local restaurants.

S: One of my favorite spots is the Huntington Library - you can wander around various gardens, relax, take photos and become inspired!


5. What is your favorite item in your closet right now? 

N: My white Air Force Ones - I purchased my first pair for my wedding after party shoes earlier this year, and now they have become an everyday staple.

S: Last year while we were selling our napkins at a market I picked up a blue + white jumpsuit which now is my go-to get dressed and look super cute without too much thought involved outfit.

6. What is the last thing you bought for your home?

N: Ceramic plates inspired by the different phases of the moon from Mondays - a Brooklyn-based studio founded by two badass women.

S: A new dining table and chairs to elevate my backyard dining!


7. Did you pick up a new hobby or interest during quarantine?

S: Brewing the most perfectly balanced pour over cup of coffee 

N: Gardening! I planted cherry tomatoes, heirloom strawberries (from the Farmer’s Market), Sage, Chives and Basil.


8. Do you have a secret talent? 

S: I am super handy around the house and believe I can fix anything!

N: Washing and getting stains out of ANYTHING.


Nikki Reed and Staci Inspektor provided the images above. Collected and taken by themselves in the last few months they represent their lifestyle, their inspiration, and their travels. 

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